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Angela Faye Barnard

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Chile is among South America’s most peaceful countries. The land offers thousands of kilometers of coast, with waves that turned Ramón Navarro into a surfing icon and wild landscapes to live challenging adventures. Soccer is fundamental, and tennis is a great source of joy. Spanish is the official language. The religious world in Chile sees Catholicism as the predominant faith, yet a variety of beliefs and practices co-exist.. Catholicism’s legacy can be admired in the rich architecture present throughout the country. 

Culture is alive and beating in Chile. From Festivals to the magical Polynesian rituals of Easter Island, to celebrations of more than 200 years of independence. The richness of the Chilean soil grows food full of the flavor of nature carrying the taste of the more than 4,000 kilometers of coast and the life of 17 climates, plus wines that share the traditions of the Old World and keep the secrets of the earth.

Unique Dome Accommodation & Location

Coinco is a Chilean commune and town in Cachapoal Province. Located 90 minutes from Santiago, Coinco is the location for RetroDOMOS in a countryside setting.

With 3 unique Domes to choose from, experience the unique architecture of the Domes - with one or two levels internally, giant windows with garden views, nature on your doorstep, comfortable bedding, kitchenette, TV, free internet, indoor fireplace.  

On the acreage, additional amenities include a slide, swing and rocker, swimming pool, farm animals including sheep and chicken, mini basketball court, free parking on-premise. 

Can accommodate up to 5 people.

Bookings will be accepted for a limited time only on the OpenExO Marketplace for 2022 & 2023 stays payable in EXOs OR $US or other cryptocurrencies:

  • Starting at EXOs 100/night.
  • To pay using $US , please use Open ExO MarketPlace opportunity "RetroDome Chile, 1 Night Stay $US 100
  • Connect with the Host direct on Ph|WhatsApp +56 9 7335 2112 or angelo@internationalcenterrancagua.cl to book and pay with any other cryptocurrency. 


Angelo Ortega & his family, have an international language school, as well as expertise in industrial design and cryptocurrency education and training. They invite you to share their knowledge, experience how they are living in sovereignty as much as possible AND discuss building Domes or a Crypto-Village in your location.


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