An ExO Economy + OpenExO + Futureville project team is developing a new ExO marketing channel solution - an ‘ The Exponential Roadshow’, and we seek Advisors to:

a) determine the most effective platform for an initial crowd-sourcing fund-raise of $125,000 and onboard 25 augmented mobility vendors for project collaboration;

b) contribute to the development of “offers” that will attract vendors/suppliers to trade with ExOs; and allow the OpenExO community to support growth in global trade of their products;

c) provide personal introduction to likely vendors of interest.

An array of transformational technologies can be “plugged-into” the ExO Roadshow; however, we are kicking off the ExO Roadshow with a specific targeted MTP of Providing 1 million People with Augmented Human Mobility showcasing products/vendors that allow people with paralysis to imagine, experience first-hand and fast-track access/use of augmented human movement - i.e. exoskeletons, robotic wearables, tech-enabled prosthetics. 

Join our Core Project Team call Wed 1pm PST (-8.00) on 18 August or 25 August.  

Up to 4 positions.

200 ExOs each.


  • Purchase an ExO-Skeleton Suit for our Open ExO project team member, Kieran MacLeod who continued to work  on his DeFi/cryptocurrency business when he became a parapalegic in a vehicle accident.  [Note: This will allow him to transform from spending ___ hrs per week on basic mobility/domestics/personal care to ___ per week as an exponential individual working on the next generation of DeFi, cryptocurrency, etc.]
  • Pave the way for ‘zoning’ or ‘policy adoption’ and sales/distribution centres to enable fast-track adoption of augmented mobility suits for people with paralysis;
  • Onboard augmented mobility vendors/products to trade in ExO’s;
  • Develop the case (through data monitoring & analysis) to test the public-health care business case AND human well-being case for providing augmented mobility solutions to individuals
  • Provide public relations, business development and sales for min. 3 augmented mobility products/vendors 
  • Stimulate demand for the ‘ExO Roadshow’ as a turn-key solution for OpenExO community members to implement in their communities/regions


We all know someone -- a brother, sister, friend, neighbor, or colleague -- living with paralysis. These aren't strangers. They are only one degree of separation from all of us. And a spinal cord injury (SCI) is a traumatic life-changing event that has a significant impact on the affected individual as well as the health system - including hospitalizations, frequent visits for rehabilitation, medical care and assistance with activities of daily living over a lifetime, depending on the injuries severity, and the technological or assistance available.

For individuals - 

  • The leading cause of paralysis was stroke (33.7 percent), followed by spinal cord injury (27.3 percent) and multiple sclerosis (18.6 percent).  
  • On the employment front, 15.5% of individuals living with paralysis are employed versus 63.1% who are not living with a disability. Additionally, 41.8% of those living with paralysis indicated they were unable to work (due to pain, physical demands, etc).
  • People with a spinal cord injury are two to five times more likely to die prematurely than people without a spinal cord injury, with worse survival rates in low- and middle-income countries.

For families - 

  • People living with paralysis have households with lower incomes - roughly 28% of households with a person who is paralyzed make less than $15,000 per year.  
  • People living with paralysis are often unable to afford health insurance that adequately covers the complex complications that are commonly linked with these conditions. And, like many of those living with chronic illness, they are frequently forced to rely on friends or family members to serve as their primary caregivers.  According to a 2013 US study, more than 50 million people each year provide this kind of care, the value of which is estimated to be $306 billion annually, twice the $158 billion spent on home care and nursing home services combined.

For communities - 

  • Spinal cord injury is a substantial burden to the health care system. The lifetime public cost of supporting someone with paralysis is $.75- 3.5 million depending on location, severity of injury and age - this is almost eight times that of a similar individual without SCI; and spinal cord injuries cost roughly $40.5 billion annually.

SOLUTION - The ExO Roadshow Experience

The ExO Roadshow enables individuals, families and communities to experience new technologies ‘on the edge’ to gain traction with public engagement, experimentation, community & crowd contributions to create demand, case use and work through real or perceived public or policy barriers prior to committing any major public investment.

Partnering with ExO allows municipalities and companies to innovate 10x smarter, faster, better lives than ever imagined by:

  • Embedding capabilities and functional competence avoiding being one of the 72% of public or corporate innovation projects that fail
  • Avoid adding to the $3.5 trillion that has been wasted on failed corporate innovation since 2010
  • Supporting organizations struggling with digital innovation initiatives with overwhelming distractions during this complex time
  • Enabling real partnerships with tech companies have created $7 trillion in value through business models and technologies that seem baffling to yesterday’s hyper-growth companies.


  1. Shortlist 25 vendors willing to invest up front for a guaranteed return on product awareness that will lead to sales;
  2. Onboard min. 5 vendors willing to trade in ExO Tokens
  3. Led by ExO Core team in collaboration with vendors, start the co creation of an ExO Roadshow location/distribution plan.  

NOTE: This project has been sponsored by ExO Economy + OpenExO + SciFiHive as part of the ‘Future of Health Care’ vision realization challenge.  Our project team is in Phase 2 - creating an MVP to gain insights on priority needs of augmented mobility technology companies so that we can co-develop a Exponential Roadshow solution that enables 10x adoption of ExO Token and global adoption/trade for their products. 


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